South Beach Diet and Diabetes: Good And Bad Carbohydrates

Is there a connection between the South Beach diet and diabetes?

This medical condition is a chronic disorder where the level of sugar or glucose in the blood becomes increasingly high or elevated. Glucose in the blood is an important source of energy for the body in order to perform bodily functions.

At a healthy level of body sugar, our bodies are able to function well. When this level consistently elevates or depreciates, metabolic processes are affected resulting in complications that affect the kidneys, the heart, blood vessels and nerves, and even the eyes.

A Matter Of Lifestyle

Until today, there is no known cure to diabetes, and most medical treatment of this condition depends on lifestyle modifications such as dietary support, exercise and insulin injection. Because of this, diabetes is said to be a “lifestyle” disease. The latest news however is that the South Beach diet may just be the right approach to take in countering the deleterious effects of the “Western” lifestyle.

It was cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston of Miami, Florida who started the so-called South Beach diet. It is a diet plan that emphasizes the consumption of “good carbohydrates” and “good fats.” It was first developed for cardiac patients based on the scientific dieting research of Dr. Agatston.

The basic principle surrounding the South Beach diet involves the excess consumption of the so-called bad carbohydrates found in carbohydrates with high glycemic index, which creates an insulin resistance syndrome, resulting in the insulin’s inability to properly process fat or sugar.

Bad Fats Versus Good Fats

Dr. Agatston also believed that consumption of “bad fats” such as saturated and trans-fats increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In order to avoid these possible conditions, the South Beach diet reduces consumption of both bad fats and carbohydrates and encourages eating of good fats and carbohydrates.

Recent statistics show that incidence of diabetes is significantly higher in developed countries where people live a fast-paced life. This shows the connection between a lifestyle indicated by stress, consumption of processed food and the lack of healthy food, and the concentration of cases of diabetes.

While at the moment a direct cure to diabetes have yet to be discovered, treating diabetes would involve changing lifestyle patterns that aggravate the metabolic disorder. This most importantly involves altering food habits and eating patterns.

A healthy diet is an important ally in the fight against diabetes. Altering lifestyle patterns can significantly contribute towards the prevention of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. An example of such a healthy eating pattern is the South Beach diet. By reducing consumption of both bad fats and carbohydrates and encouraging intake of good fats and carbohydrates, one can lose weight and also maintain a healthy level of body glucose.

Bad Carbohydrates Too?

Like most diabetic diet plans, the South Beach diet differentiates food products into good and bad carbohydrates based on the glycemic index or the pattern, which identifies the rate when and where digested food can increase levels of glucose in the blood.

Consuming bad carbohydrates, according to the South Beach diet, causes an increase release of insulin and makes one feel hungrier, resulting in overeating and gain in body weight. Increased body weight makes a person susceptible to diabetes. From this perspective, a South Beach diet is a good way to maintain a healthy diabetic diet meal plan.

Some people, however, remain skeptical about the South Beach diet’s ability to help persons with diabetes. A number of diabetic specialists believe that the glycemic index does not indicate a significant role in controlling weight. It is rather the quantity of carbohydrate intake that affects weight.

A Shift In Perspective

Like a healthy diabetic diet plan, the South Beach diet emphasizes a permanent shift in one’s eating attitude, choosing from a wide range of health food and creating a meal plan with ease and flexibility. It encourages eating whole grains and vegetables together with ample amount of mono and polyunsaturated fats like omega 3 fatty acids that can be found in fish. Consumption of processed food products, meat with high fat content, and saturated fats is strongly discouraged.

John Kenneth Galbraith, a contemporary writer and author of the book The Affluent Society, wrote, “More die in the United States of too much food than of too little.” Clearly, whether or not the South Beach diet significantly or directly reduces the effects of diabetes and helps control glucose within moderate levels, it evidently shows that what kind, how much, and at what time do we eat can greatly affect the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. By embracing a healthy eating pattern, such as the South Beach diet, the occurrence of diabetes may just be controlled.

Shifty Eyes and Quick Hands: Kleptomania

Not all thieves are Jean Valjean. Nor are all thieves the type that wear business suits and spout promises every election year. Just as not all thieves are the same, not every thief steals for the same reasons. Some do it out of necessity, such as the Jean Valjean who merely wanted a piece of bread to satisfy his hunger. Others do it for monetary gain, whether for themselves or for others. Others steal as an act of rebellion or defiance, challenging authority by violating the concept of ownership, a fundamental component of the law. For some, the problem relates to a mental health disorder and they literally can’t stop themselves from doing so. When mental health is inextricably linked to someone’s stealing, most people would probably not be mistaken in labeling that person as having kleptomania.

Taking the meaning from the translation of the Greek term, kleptomania, is a form of psychosis that causes a person to impulsively steal things. The items targeted are always tangible and are rarely too large for the patient to effectively hide under normal circumstances. There is no concrete data on whether hard monetary value plays any part in the impulse of the person. Most statistics reflect that the items being stolen rarely ever have a pattern to them, though some consistencies have been known to occur. Most experts have come to an agreement that a majority of kleptomaniacs steal “for the sake of stealing,” and only in rare circumstances will monetary value or personal inclinations determine what, exactly, is being stolen.

In general, kleptomaniacs are simply unable to control the impulse to steal objects and active attempts to prevent those impulses often results in overwhelming stress and anxiety. Of course, attempting to prevent it is only possible if the kleptomaniac is actually aware of the theft. In a number of cases, the patient will have no idea that he has stolen an item until after the fact. Legally, kleptomania is not considered a viable defense. This is primarily because kleptomaniacs can be aware that a theft is taking place. Also, there is very little evidence-gathering methods available that can prove whether a person was aware during a theft or not. However, some territories will accept it as a legal defense, provided that the patient has an established history of lack of awareness.

Kleptomania is often seen to be closely associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), though this is not always the case. Most only relate the kleptomania to OCD when the stolen items are being hoarded or kept, which generally connotes that the items were stolen for their actual or potential value, rather than for the sake of being stolen. Some kleptomaniacs exhibit signs and symptoms that point to OCD behavior, but it is often left up to the judgment of the person administering the therapy to determine whether this is a part of the kleptomania or a sign of OCD being in the background. Statistically speaking, a vast majority of cases of kleptomania are actually independent of OCD, with the common percentages of the two disorders coinciding being 2.2 to 5.9 percent.

For treatment, kleptomaniacs are often subjected to the same methods as pyromaniacs, though geared to better suit the nature of the problem. This means that the most common approach used is cognitive behavior modification, though other methods may also be used. Serotonin-uptake inhibitors can be used as a stand-alone answer, or in conjunction with other techniques. Mood stabilizers have also been used as a means of chemically counteracting the impulses, though results have shown a degree of variance.

Supplements for Prostate Health: Subsidiary Means

The quality of life one is enjoying right now can be spoiled when one is not feeling well or unhealthy. People in their younger years seemed to take their health for granted. As they grow older the toll of any of the diseases including those that are prostate-related are beginning to claim their price. Health is one of the important and most common topics that require a detailed discussion. Prostate cancer on its early stages shows little signs and symptoms, to none at all. One must then be very conscious of any hint you could get from the little warning signs of prostate cancer afforded you, and get the necessary medical diagnosis and treatment the soonest time you can.

Men’s prowess declines with age – as probably the reason why nature deems it to be so that one is more prone to diseases and becomes less immune to sickness as one ages. Prostate problems symptoms are mainly evident to those at 40 years and above. It is at these points of a man’s life that such will be experienced. Keeping in these factors in mind, there are many products available in the market which supplements for Prostate Cancer.

Alternatives of Prostate Health:

Lycopene-rich – one of the most common and available Supplement for Prostate Cancer. It is mostly found in tomato-based products. As these are rich in Lycopene-rich. So you must have lots and lots of tomato. It will generally lower prostate Cancer. Other fruits that are rich in lycopene are pink grapefruit, watermelon, and guava. Dealing with Prostate Problems Symptoms requires that one does not give up hope. One must take the necessary medical help, and must live on healthily. Learn to take the helping hands of those who love you, and let them help you in gathering enough strength to continue on with the fight of this medical condition of yours. Help yourself and don’t let self-pity get the better of you. Be strong and hope for a better tomorrow. Pray and believe on a higher power that could heal and change your life.

Eating is an Important Supplements for Prostate Health:

Eat healthy. That means a moderate amount of everything, especially in salt and sugar. Keep a well balanced diet. Overdosing in salt does harm in the urinary system, and nothing complicates a weak prostate than problems in the kidney.

Zinc and Selenium: are the two important minerals which supplements for Prostate Health. Lack of these minerals lead to fade the immune system of the body. Pumpkin seeds are the source of zinc and selenium. Natural healing will not be the solution, and in fact, time is the enemy for prostate cancer. The more you wait, the worse it gets. The causes of prostate cancer has not bee fully traced by medical experts, however risk factors had been identified that might make men predisposed to the disease. One of the identified risk factors of prostate cancer is age. Another Supplement for Prostate Health is to take the right step of consulting your doctor and getting the proper medical treatment. While prostate cancer is in its early stages, the better it is for you – and treatments are better able to have effective results if your condition is not that worst.

Giving in Front of you a Debate on In Mold Decorating

There are various different types of molds out there, and In Mold Decorating Is just one of the many? You can build many different things with In Mold Decorating. After a product is designed by an industrial designer or engineer, the models are then made by a mold maker or toolmaker from metal, usually steel or aluminum.

In Mold Decorating Is a method of molding in which the molding material is first placed in an open, heated mold cavity? The mold is then closed with a strong top force or plug member, and pressure is put on to force the material into contact with all of the mold areas, and then proper heat and pressure are maintained until the molding material has completely cured.

Nifty-Gritty of In Mold Decorating:

Molds are nothing but problems especially when it comes to our homes and it is only natural that we take extra measure in preserving them and protecting them from harmful hazards. We all know that molds do nothing good except in making certain kinds of cheese and we are always on the look out to know which products we could use to help protect our houses from them. The In Mold Decorating is the mold which is used in this molding process, and which shapes the material by heat and by pressure of closing. This is one of the most commonly used molding methods in the world, primarily because of the numerous different uses that the molds which are created by it can be. It is a very popular field in the world today, and from the looks of statistics and research in this area, it looks as though business is only going to continue to boom in the future.

Process of In Mold Decorating:

This type of designing can create a more professional image, give the manufacturer the ability to personalize plastic products somewhat, and create labels that are permanent. Thermoplastic resins are able to either be loaded into the mold in the form of pellets or sheet, or the other option is that the mold may be loaded from a plasticating extruder. The thermoplastic materials are then heated until they are above their melting points, formed and cooled. It is important to remember that the better the feed material is distributed overall, the less flow orientation is going to occur during the In Mold Decorating step and thus the better results you are going to end up with.